Stay connected to your PC files

Are your personal desktop files and documents within your fingertips at all times? If not, get access to all your desktop files at the touch of a button. All you need is a Smartphone with FileReflex in it, to stay connected to your desktop files. FileReflex is an extended arm of your desktop, giving you on demand access to:
  • View and share multiple file types right from Powerpoint, Documents, Spreadsheets, Pictures, Music and Videos.
  • View, and send desktop files & outlook e-mails
  • Play your favorite iTunes play list from your iphone, ipad.
  • Search and Print files.
  • Supports Enterprise Users behind VPN/BES

FileReflex provides die-hard desktop users, to get a comprehensive digital lifestyle which is easy to use, so that you know your documents are in your fingertips. 

FileReflex is available for Windows version and supports iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Blackberry.

To know more about the product please view online guides and frequently asked questions. To understand the product better, you can become a Standard user where there is a 15 day trial period. To enjoy unlimited access to desktop from Smartphone, you can upgrade to the Premium package.
Sign Up today to access all your PC files in your smartphones.
Please visit to know more about the product. You can email queries to or send your valuable suggestions and feedback to

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